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Finals Week, Semester 3, Part 1

Posted on Thursday December 18, 2008 at 3:39pm in

Just finished up with my Final Japanese Interview. I was really worried about this for some reason, but I didn’t need to be. I think I over prepared because the interview was really easy I thought. It’s a duo interview in which we pick a partner and then talk for ten minutes in Japanese in a specified role play. Then, we each get individually interviewed by the professor for a few minutes and then we’re done. I thought that we would have trouble making it to ten minutes or something, but my Japanese skills kicked in when I needed them! I am confident that Mike and I did really well on this interview. This means I took an A in my Japanese class three semesters in a row. Sugoi!

As for the other finals… The Economics one was pretty much a joke it was so easy. I finished it in under fifteen minutes and I would be surprised if every answer wasn’t correct.

The harder of the finals would be the Sociology ones. I don’t much care for my SOC 242 professor…not only does he get his lecture notes from Wikipedia but it seems like that’s where he gets his test questions from, too. Many of the questions looked to me like random facts. Fifty of the questions were true or false (quite a bit of true or false I think) and in all of the questions it seemed like I was being tricked because of the strange wording. How I did on this exam I have no idea. If I had to guess I’d say “OK,” but honestly no idea.

The other Sociology class’s final exam was easier. There were a few I didn’t know but I think that was more due to my inefficient studying rather than it not being course material. I don’t know how I scored on this yet.

One final left and it doesn’t look good… It’s for my Asian Religions Class and who knows if I’ll actually end up passing it. I take it tomorrow at the last possible time for a final: Friday at 5pm.

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