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Finals Week, Semester 3, Part 2

Posted on Saturday December 20, 2008 at 12:11am in

Finals are over! I’m now officially on winter break (also my summer break, since my semester in Japan will run into fall). I won’t be working at BITS over winter break, but First Net is looking at giving me a bunch more hours. I’ll be working their full-time or close to full-time over winter break it seems. I got a job at the Web Development Office at my school and I’ll be starting there in late January. Exciting.

Here’s today. I woke up and Bryan came over after his last final. We went and returned our text books. Turns out one of my sociology books was a purchase, although I don’t remember paying for it. I tried to sell it back to them, but they aren’t using it next semester so that was a no go. I put it on eBay, but I don’t expect it’ll sell there either. Oh well, it’s a pretty interesting text book anyways. If it doesn’t sell, it wouldn’t be so bad. After the bookstore, I met up with Mikako Sensei for lunch. Unfortunately, she is graduating from UWEC next semester and won’t be a professor anymore. Fortunately however, we’ll be in Japan at the same time and in the same place so we will probably see each other.

After lunch, I went to work at First Net until my final final. The final was for Asian Religious Philosophies and was a colossal exam consisting of ten pages of passage identification and interpretation, followed by two essays. I think I could have just not shown up for this and the result would have been the same. It was a wonderful waste of a few hours. Despite this colossal failure, I may still have a chance at passing the class, barely. I technically passed one of two tests thanks to the curve and I had good attendance throughout the semester. Also, we turned in a paper which I hope will be my saving grace. If I don’t pass, the only thing it will hurt is my GPA since it isn’t a required class. Next time I will have to exercise better judgment when signing up for classes that sound “interesting.”

After my final I met up with Bryan and we exchanged Christmas gifts. I got him the entire Watchmen collection as well as Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight book. He was pretty excited about that. He got me Tropic Thunder, a movie which I really enjoyed this summer. After that, we decided to put Tropic Thunder in. Bryan liked it a lot, and I enjoyed it again. We went to Racy’s and had some food and drinks. Returning to my dorm, I don’t have much to do other than to pack. I move out tomorrow after guitar lessons and won’t be coming back to live in KT again. It’s pretty sad, I’m going to miss this dorm!

For this past week, the dorms have been really dull though. Most of my dorm mates are gone for break already, including Yoojin. And my roommate wasn’t here all week (he’s not really here ever, I’m mostly on my own) so there hasn’t been much to do. Guess I’ll get to packing… Tomorrow I go back to my parents’ house.

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