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Christmas 2008

Posted on Sunday December 28, 2008 at 2:03am in ,

This is going to be a pretty image heavy post. I picked out just the highlights, but there were a lot of images I wanted to post. So, enjoy the extra imagery.

First off, I’m all moved into the house and out of the dorms now. It was a daunting task, but that’s all done now.

Bad news, though. My car died on Monday. Looks like it’s not going to get fixed, either. So all week I’ve been needing rides to work. Work has been good, aside from needing rides every day. On Christmas Eve we closed at noon and I got picked up by my parents. We went out to eat at Texas Roadhouse and came back to do family gifts.

Then… Christmas Day:

Merry Christmas, Mr. Bubbles!

The fish is still alive and healthy. He seemed to enjoy his Christmas. Here is the Christmas tree and presents in the morning:

We opened gifts again. The highlight for Mackenzie being a new camera and for me, a laptop for Japan!

It’s a Sony Vaio. I like it a lot, especially how thin it is. It’s not quite as thin as the MacBooks. But then again the Macbooks don’t have a BluRay drive. After all of the gifts and everything, we went over to Aunt Kathleen’s house for lunch and further Christmas celebrations such as game playing. Get ready for some photos…

After Aunt Kathleen’s and Uncle Fred’s house, we went over to Grandma and Grandpa’s house for further eating and further celebrating:

Well, that’s about it. Christmas was good this year! I think this may be the last post of 2008! So… See you in 2009!

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