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Browser Compatability, Travel Issues

Posted on Tuesday February 10, 2009 at 3:19pm in ,

I can’t believe it’s already February 10th. February is over 1/3rd over!

So, apparently I don’t have many MAC readers out there because nobody told me the Macintosh version of Firefox only loaded half of the site. I found out at work today since we use Apples, mostly. Well, it all works now. The page should display correctly in all browsers now.

Here’s something cool: I ordered my plane ticket for Japan on Sunday. It looks like I’ll be flying from Minneapolis to Chicago. Then, from Chicago to Tokyo. From Tokyo I fly to Fukuoka and then from Fukuoka I take a bus to Nagasaki where I’ll be staying. Quite a trip. I was reviewing my itinerary today and I noticed a potential problem. I slated to arrive in Chicago at 11:35am and my flight to Tokyo leaves at 12:13pm. This gives me less than an hour to get my luggage, go through security and get to the right gate. This seems impossible, especially for an international flight. I’m asking you frequent travelers, What do you think? Either way I’m going to see what a travel agent says when I exchange my currency. If it isn’t possible, I may have to cancel my Minneapolis flight and just take off from Chicago. Anyway you look at this trip, it’s going to be stressful…having to worry about connecting flights, spending almost 22 hours on a plane or in an airport…

With the trip approaching so quickly, I am growing increasingly concerned my funding will be insufficient. All of the tuition and insurance is already paid for, but I don’t have enough to live in Japan for 5 months, not nearly. I’m either going to have to get a loan or find someone to sponsor me. If anyone is interested in becoming a sponsor, you know how to contact me. Maybe we can work something out. I am also looking into selling a bunch of my stuff before I go in order to get enough money for a trip to Okinawa during Golden Week (Japan’s version of Spring Break). If I have something you want, let me know!


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