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Posted on Sunday March 08, 2009 at 3:55pm in

First, a couple of things…

This is the neatest invention idea I’ve seen in a while: Sign language interpreter.

Happy March! This is the month I will leave for Japan.

Fixed my desktop, finally. And, I fixed a friend’s computer, too. I did two successful motherboard transplants in two days – pretty sweet. On the downside, I ended up losing a gig of RAM because the new motherboard only has two slots for RAM. Other than that, everything seems to be up and working well. I’m running the Windows 7 Beta just for fun. My thoughts on Windows 7 so far… My feelings are mixed. I can’t wait until it’s skinnable because I preferred the look of Vista. The new taskbar is great because you can rearrange items finally. But, I hate the colored groupings. Homegroup seems like it will be useful. My webcam drivers are not compatible with Windows 7 (or at least not the beta)… I was sad to find this out. I don’t like the libraries system. I don’t like the new Windows Media Player (I only use this program for ripping CDs, but I think they really over simplified it). I don’t like the new start menu. I don’t like that you can’t view the classic control panel anymore. AVG isn’t compatible. Microsoft Office 2007 isn’t compatible. Games run faster, so that’s good, I guess…

Thinking about buying my friend’s guitar.


It’s an Ibanez in great shape, and I would have a hard case finally. Glen, my guitar teacher says that it’s a great deal and I should take it for sure.

One last thing. I got some pictures of my host family I’ll be staying with for the first period of my stay in Nagasaki. This is the Nishi family:

Nishi Family

Nishi Family

Anyways, on to Watchmen.

My friend Kevin was in town for the weekend, so we went and saw Watchmen on opening night. I am a big fan of the graphic novel, so I was super excited for this movie. Super, super excited.


So, here’s what I thought! First of all, I noticed the casting. Every actor was so amazingly like their comic book counterpart it was amazing! They fit my mental image perfectly (with the exception of Ozymandias who looked like a total dork for the entire film). Rorschach was probably the most impressive. I cannot imagine a better portrayal.

If you were a fan of the book like me, you’re going to enjoy this film. Every scene in the movie seems like it was taken directly from a panel in the book. It was very nostalgic. The pacing was perfect (they had to cut out the newspaper stand man and the boy reading from the main cut of the movie to keep it under three hours). It’s long. But it’s good that it’s long. I’d say it’s the perfect length. I just enjoyed the ride.

This movie is very, very dark. It is very, very bloody. However, unlike the comic, the blood and violence is much more real on the movie screen. It was so bad at parts that even I noticed it. Probably not one to take the kids to. Or yourself even, if you don’t appreciate such things.

This is a very true adaptation from the book. Even if you haven’t read the book, you will surely enjoy it. If you saw the movie and enjoyed it but haven’t read the book, I highly recommend it. There is a lot that simply couldn’t fit into the movie or couldn’t be shown.

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