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Off To Japan (Again)

Posted on Sunday March 29, 2009 at 3:20am in ,

Alternate title: An Interesting Day.

I woke up to realize that my mp3 player had been stolen. I had left it at the office overnight (forgot it) and it was stolen before I could pick it up in the morning. This was not good news. I spent the better part of the day trying to find a replacement player for the trip… I ended up with a Sansa and some nice headphones. It’s okay, I think. But, I miss my zen! After realizing my zen was gone, my phone string broke… not a good start to my last day here! I picked Mike up and went to guitar lessons. It was fun, but I wasn’t feeling very well.

It’s my dad’s birthday so we celebrated by singing happy birthday and playing happy birthday on my guitar. I was teaching Mackenzie how to do it too…

Mackenzie and Drew on Guitar

I’m kinda in a rush getting everything ready so that’s the only pic I have for now… Been getting ready for a while, I leave in an hour and a half for the airport. Then it’s gonna be a long string of flights to Nagasaki. I will write more when I get to Japan, for now I’m pretty tired and have too much preparing to do. So – until then, see you in Japan!

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