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Entrance Ceremony, Placement Testing

Posted on Friday April 03, 2009 at 10:03am in ,

I guess I never really knew this but entrance ceremonies are a very big deal in Japan. The whole country starts the school year / new jobs together in April. Today, all across the country, ceremonies were being held at 10am. I went together with my host family to the ceremony. Along the way, I saw a bunch of students making their way to the school dressed in suits.

Entrance Ceremony
Me with the host kids waiting for the bus.

Entrance Ceremony
Yuuna-chan showing off.

The ceremony itself was pretty cool. Before the ceremony began, I got interviewed for the news. It was cool! They asked me questions like where I came from, why I chose Nagasaki, and what I was studying. That was pretty exciting. Then, exactly at 10:00am, the ceremony began.

Entrance Ceremony
This guy gave a very long speech. The sign behind him reads: “Nagasaki University of Foreign Studies Entrance Ceremony.”

Several long speeches and songs later, the ceremony ended. Outside my family met with me for another photo.

Entrance Ceremony

After it was over, I didn’t have anything to do for almost 4 hours until the Japanese placement test. So, a returning student to Nagasaki took us to a cool Okonomiyaki shop near the school. It was good and super cheap. The whole meal was only 250 yen (less than two dollars). Here’s what I got:

Entrance Ceremony

Entrance Ceremony
Outside the shop. It was very small and run by one lady, who was very friendly. The man in the suit is the returning student who showed us to the restaurant.

After lunch I walked over to Gojima and picked up a wireless router for the house so that I could use internet in my room. Then, I headed back and waited for the rest of the time before the test.

The test was very difficult. There were a lot of kanji that I didn’t know. At the end of the test they had us translating newspaper articles without any furigana. Ah well, it is just a placement test after all. After the test, we made our plans for tomorrow and set off on our way home.

This time coming home was a lot easier. I learned from last time and remembered to get off at the right stop. As I was getting onto my last bus, a girl came up to me and started talking to me in English. It was strange to have someone start talking to me in English out of the blue, but I guess it is pretty clear that I can speak it.

This evening, after dinner (whale and oysters) I watched Spongebob Squarepants (dubbed in Japanese!), Doraemon, and Shinchan with Nozomi-kun. Spongebob was by far the weirdest experience. Spongebob’s voice is actually pretty accurate, but Squidward’s voice is normal and Patrick is all weird. I’m used to watching the show in English so seeing it in another language which I can also understand was very strange!

I also set up the wireless router (which Nozomi was very interested in – he kept asking questions about how it worked). It works now! I can use internet anywhere in the house now.

One last photo. My friend George took this one:

Entrance Ceremony

It’s such a perfect photo of the sakura I had to share it. I would like to get a high def camera like this…


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