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House Party

Posted on Sunday April 12, 2009 at 5:23pm in ,

If Unzen wasn’t a fun enough weekend, there was also a house party on Saturday night that we went to. We gathered in front of Seiyu at 6:00, got a bunch of drinks for the party, and then took the 6:40 bus to Mark’s house. It took about an hour to get there since he lives way out of the city by the ocean. It was a long ride, but I met up with Chouki and Sori from hiking on Friday. They were going to the party, too.

House Party
The party begins!

Mark’s house is very large by Japanese standards. It’s essentially a mansion of a Japanese house. I guess it has to be big though, there were about 70 students at the party. Typically, Japanese people never entertain at their homes since they are so tiny. It’s very rare to have people over, even neighbors. If you want to hang out with someone in Japan, you go out and meet people somewhere.

House Party
Kaiti being precious with George.

House Party
Nate wearing Mark’s birthday hat.

Around midnight they brought out the birthday cake. I wasn’t even sure if it was really his birthday or not until they brought out cake.

House Party
Mark shows off some dance moves around the cake while a hilarious rendition of Happy Birthday plays in the background.

A lot of music was played but none of it was any good. Curiously enough, it was all American music… No other countries, not even Japan was represented! They could have at least played some good American music – it was all pop and rap. There are better things to dance to.

House Party
People eventually started to get tired…

House Party
4:30 AM. Kevin is barely hanging on.

At about 5am the music stopped and pretty much everyone was either out or going to the beach to see the sun rise. It was too cold to go out, I didn’t bring any sort of jacket so I just stayed in and watched people recuperate.

House Party
6:00 AM.

House Party

After waking everyone up we all gathered together to take the first bus of the day (7:04) back into the city.

House Party


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