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Falling Down

Posted on Monday June 29, 2009 at 10:29am in

The rainy season continues with an all-day downpour. Even armed with a sturdy new umbrella, I managed to get completely soaked coming back from school this afternoon. Along with my books… They’re still drying out under the fan and it’s past midnight. My shoes are going to be soaked all week. The streets fill up with so much water it’s like walking up a river.

When I got back from school I started drying out my stuff, and then finished up my history paper. We have to do a paper on “something” (our professors are very vague and easy going sometimes. I wonder if they even read the papers we hand in). So, I did my paper on the history of women’s rights in Japan. It was a very interesting paper to write. I had an idea that women’s rights were very restricted in Japan, but I had no idea that women couldn’t vote, divorce, or even own property until after World War II in 1947.

After I finished my paper, I watched a movie to celebrate. I picked Falling Down with Michael Douglas.

Falling Down

This movie is from 1993, so it’s gotten a little old since I first intended to watch it. It’s about a guy who is having a “bad day” and sets out to right some wrongs (kill some people). Michael Douglas is so amazing in this movie, and I really liked it. I recommend Falling Down very highly. Interesting story, amazing characters, and entertaining dialog. It’s a classic!


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