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Early July

Posted on Sunday July 12, 2009 at 9:48am in

It’s summer and very humid in Nagasaki. Lately I’ve mostly just been doing classes, but there are a few things I’ve done besides that.

On Wednesday, I went out to Monkey Wrench with Nicholas, Asami, Nate, and some other people…

Early July
Everyone at Monkey Wrench.

It was a fun weekday outing – I wanted George to go, too, but he was busy with Kendo practice.

This weekend was also very fun. On Friday, Asami and I went to Yumei Saito and we each bought a shirt. After that, George came over to the apartment to watch movies with us. We first watched Akira, which Asami and Nate hadn’t seen. Nate didn’t like it because he doesn’t like anime (“but the art was good”), and Asami didn’t like it because the story was too complicated. Oh well, can’t win them all.

Next, Nate went to bed and we started Blood Diamond. We were drinking though so none of us remember anything from the movie. George decided to spend the night after the movie got over, so he went to bed. Next, Asami and I watched the third Austin Powers movie (last weekend, we watched the first one and she surprisingly really liked it. Unfortunately, none of the places in town have the second movie, so we settled with the third one). Although, she doesn’t remember anything from it. Oh well, can’t win them all.

On Saturday, after George went home, I went over to Asami’s house for dinner. Her mom cooked for us. But first, I got to meet her dog, Coco who I’d been wanting to see or a while…

Early July
Coco and I.

Early July
Coco licking Asami.

We hung out in her room while waiting for dinner. Apparently, Asami is quite the manga collector:

Early July
Most of these comics she amassed while working at a book store. Keep in mind that these shelves are layered and that there are several rows of volumes behind each of these.

Early July
Asami’s bass. She used to play in a band, but stopped a few years ago.

Then, while we were watching TV, they aired a segment on my school. We took photos!

Early July
My school’s lounge. A lot of familiar faces in this shot. The subtitle reads: “A culture filled campus with a helpful student support staff.”

Early July
Me! That’s right, I was on TV in Japan – again!

Early July
John and Nate doing some learning in class.

When the excitement over the TV special was over, Asami played her bass and I played some guitar. It was fun, although one of the strings broke on her sister’s guitar while she was tuning it… So, we didn’t get to play that much.

Her mom made dinner and it was great. She also made this pie / cake thing:

Early July
A tasty pie / cake thing.

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