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Do-It-Yourself Posters

Posted on Sunday September 20, 2009 at 4:29pm in

I really wanted to put up an Asian Kung-Fu Generation poster in my room. Unfortunately, getting an official AKG poster is a pretty arduous task. No one sells them, not even the band itself. I thought all hope was lost until a friend of mine showed me this really neat program: Rasterbator. It takes an image and blows it up to poster size using tiny dots. It’ll separate it all out onto pages that you can hang together for a realistic poster effect.

Since AKG had no real posters, I designed my own. Using several pieces of their album arts, I put together this in about 30 minutes:

Do It Yourself Posters

Then, using Rasterbator, I poster-ified the image. I made it a 4 × 4 page (16 total) page poster, consisting of thousands of 1 pixel color dots. When I put it all together I got this:

Do It Yourself Posters

So if you’re like me and want a poster that you can’t have… Just do it yourself!

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