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A Picture A Day (Year Two), ALWAYS 三丁目の夕日

Posted on Saturday September 26, 2009 at 12:53am in ,

September 23rd marked two years on my picture a day project. I made another time lapse video including 365 new photos to celebrate. Here is the first two years of my project (minus audio):

Youtube stripped my audio backing due to copyright infringement, but if you want the to see the video with audio, you can click here: download full video.

It’s been a good two years! I will continue to post a video each year.

In other news, I saw a really good movie recently:


ALWAYS 三丁目の夕日, or Always Sunshine on Third Street. It’s the story of three families during the building of Tokyo Tower. It’s a fairly new movie (2006) and has gained a lot of popularity in Japan. I really enjoyed it! I don’t know if there is a translated version available, but if there is I definitely recommend it!

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