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Kao Kalia Yang and The Late Homecomer

Posted on Friday October 23, 2009 at 2:42am in ,

For my History of Modern East Asia class, we are reading this book, The Latehomecomer:

Kao Kalia Yang

I’ve only just started reading the book, but tonight I had a great opportunity to see the author in person as she came to give a speech and read select passages from the book at my school. The professor also offered 20 extra credit points just for attending and writing up a report. I’d be crazy not to go, so I went with Mike after JCS. Kao Kalia YangWe were lucky to get front row seats since the place filled up very quickly. The auditorium actually ran out of chairs and people were sitting on the ground and standing in the corners of the room. I am very glad I attended! Her speech was very inspirational and also very sad. I only wish I could have been farther along in the book to appreciate it more, but I guess this will add to the experience I have reading the book in a new way. After meeting the author and talking with her, surely reading her memoirs will have a whole new feeling. I don’t believe I’ve met many authors, especially not of books that I’ve read. I wish I could meet more.
This was a great experience and I’m happy to have been there for it! This book just came out last year and has already won several awards. It’s quite new, and it’s the first book by a Hmong American. If you’re interested, I suggest you pick up a copy! I have yet to finish it, so I can’t say that it’s good or not, but I will make a post when I do finish it. My biggest regret is forgetting to bring my book to get an autograph…

By the way, the International Folk Fair is this Sunday! Also, the snow from the last post has already melted. Looks more like fall now.


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