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Primer, Flags of our Fathers, The Late Homecomer

Posted on Tuesday November 17, 2009 at 9:56pm in ,

Two books and a movie today…

Let’s start with Primer.


Primer is a movie about two friends who while trying to create an anti-gravity machine, accidentally invent time travel. They keep it a secret and start making short one or two day trips back to the past to earn money in the stock market and in lotteries. I heard this movie was interesting, so I gave it a look. Unfortunately, this movie is really confusing. Unless you are taking notes and paying really close attention, one watch will not be enough to understand all that is going on. It seems straightforward enough until there get to be multiple persons of each character due to time travel duplicates. It was interesting, but the movie doesn’t explain itself well enough! It just glances over all the fine details. The movie is pretty short. They could have easily made it another half hour, had it be a good length, and then explained things a bit more. This would have made it much more accessible to a general audience. So confusing. Watch it if you want a challenge.

Flags of our Fathers.

Flags of our Fathers

This is a set with 硫黄島からの手紙. Clint Eastwood directed both. I loved Iwojima, so I had to give Flags of our Fathers a shot. They’re both about the Battle of Iwojima, but Flags of our Fathers talks about the American side. It was okay. I wasn’t expecting the whole film to be about the famous photograph of the flag being raised, but it was. It was about the heroes that raised the flag, what it means to be a hero, and so on. It was pretty interesting, I guess. There was a lot about the photograph I didn’t know, so I’m glad I learned about it. It made me feel the pointlessness of kids going off to fight wars again, like Iwojima did. Clint Eastwood did a great job on both of them.

Finally, I finished The Late Homecomer.

Late Homecomer

I wrote about meeting the author of this book in an earlier post. It’s a rare experience to meet the author of the book before you get a chance to read it. The Late Homecomer was a really great book! It was a very thorough family history of one Hmong family that immigrated to America in 1987 and their adjustment to American life. I recommend this story especially if you are interested in the Hmong people and definitely if you don’t know much about them. For people that don’t live in Wisconsin, Minnesota or California, the Hmong story may surprise you.

Now onto some other news…

I registered for my classes. Here’s next semester: classlist. Unfortunately, I will have to take MATH 113 in the summer to catch up on my math in time for the fall to take CS 255. That’s all for today.


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