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Scott Pilgrim vs The World

Posted on Wednesday August 18, 2010 at 1:19pm in

Edgar Wright’s new film is based on the somewhat popular comic book series by Canadian artist, Bryan Lee O’Mailey. The same director that brought us Hot Fuzz and Shawn of the Dead now gives us something completely different. From his previous movies he is definitely in uncharted territory. There hasn’t been a movie quite like Scott Pilgrim vs the World before.

Scott Pilgrim

As a fan of the comics, I loved this adaptation. I thought this was a flawless transfer from book to movie, much like Watchmen was. The tone of the film was perfectly captured – mostly due to good casting choices. While the acting was very good, the one thing that stands above all else is the style. Scott Pilgrim does have a very basic plot, and you can tell that it values style over substance. How can a movie with a simple plot create such an entertaining experience? Great pacing, funny dialogue, and an amazing style that makes Scott Pilgrim’s world seem like a video game. There are a lot of arcade style video game references in this movie. If this doesn’t sound like you’re cup of tea, I can’t recommend this movie.

The plot is very light-hearted. Jobless, yet charming Scott Pilgrim has fallen in love with a girl named Ramona Flowers with a turbulent past. Now her past is coming back to haunt the both of them in the form of her angry past lovers. In order to earn the right to date Ramona Flowers, Scott will have to fight and defeat all of her 7 evil ex boyfriends. The evil ex boyfriends and all of the fights are the most entertaining part of the movie. It is never portrayed as serious and it never feels as though much is at stake. Yet, I was compelled to continue watching. I thought the movie ended too quickly and would have liked to see more ex fighting, but maybe that’s just me.

The movie is filled with hilarious dialogue and funny moments. If you’re over the age of forty the humor will probably seem a little young for you. The music is trendy, geared towards indie music fans. The music for Scott Pilgrim’s band was all written by Beck, and it has a great sound to it. Whether or not you like Scott’s music is irrelevant though, as they themselves consider themselves to be horrible musicians.

Overall, I recommend this movie with a few disclaimers: The plot is simple, but the movie is beautiful. Prepare to suspend your disbelief, this movie is very fond of “video game physics” and all of the fight scenes are treated as if they were a video game. Scott Pilgrim has a lot of energy that builds and builds to the epic final battle. This made the movie all the more entertaining for me, but some people might not appreciate it as much as I did.

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