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New Camera

Posted on Wednesday January 12, 2011 at 11:34pm in ,

I got a new camera! After taking a photography class last semester, I started to want a DSLR camera of my own. I got a really great deal on a Canon Rebel XTi, the camera is very similar to the one I used for class. In fact, it’s the same thing, just the previous year’s model. The screen is a tad smaller, and the lightmeter is in a different location, but other than that it feels like the same thing.

New Camera

It feels a little more compact than my last camera, too.

New Camera
This is the lens. It’s the same lens I used for class, just the standard Canon 18-55mm.

I hope to at least get a tripod and a few new lenses. I don’t think I’ll ever get into the huge telephoto lenses that are worth thousands, but at least I’d like to play with some wide-angle or fish-eye lenses to add some distortion / variety to my shots.

The pictures are very crisp and it has a very effective auto-focus. The colors are great. That is the big thing that I missed when switching back to my point and shoot. The colors always seem so washed out. With this camera, things seem much more vivid.

In other news, I’ve been with OfficeMax for one year now! I got this rubberband ball as a gift for being with the company for a year:

New Camera
One year at Office Max.

Pretty cool. It’s not much, but I’ve never gotten a gift for being at a place for over a year. It’s just a nice gesture, I think.

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