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The Big One

Posted on Friday March 11, 2011 at 2:51pm in ,

Last night a large earthquake shook Japan. The quake was a magnitude 8.9 and in its wake, a giant tsunami immediately struck the right side of Japan. The tsunami spanned nearly the entire right side of Honshu. Here is an image of the affected areas:

The Big One

I have a friend living in Sendai and a friend living in Fukushima, so I was especially worried about them! These are the two worst places to be right now, but fortunately I heard back from both of them this afternoon and they are both okay! Transportation is shut down around the country, and the Sendai airport is completely flooded.

This was the biggest earthquake that Japan has ever seen since we started recording its seismic activity. Moreover, it is the seventh largest earthquake the entire world has seen (since we began measuring). The Japan quake was 30 times larger than the one that hit Haiti last year. The tsunami reached as far as Hawaii.

Fortunately, Nagasaki was unaffected by the quake – everyone there is doing okay! Here is some video coverage from the BBC on the damage. Hang in there, Japan!

The Big One
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