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Sucker Punch, X-Men First Class

Posted on Monday June 27, 2011 at 12:14am in

I saw two new movies lately that I feel like writing about. One of them is really good, the other one was not so good. Let’s start with the not so good one, and end on a good note. First up, Sucker Punch.

Sucker Punch

I was disappointed by Sucker Punch. I was really looking forward to this one. The trailer looked pretty good

Not to mention, it was a Zack Snyder film. While he did direct one of my favorite movies, Watchmen, he didn’t write the story. I think this was the main setback in Sucker Punch. The script just wasn’t solid. The concept wasn’t solid. The characters were so shallow. The story was a simple treasure hunt ‘find these 5 items to get to the end of the movie’ type plot. It’s been done so many times.

The story did have a few turns in the middle, and a “twist” I suppose at the end. The problem is that none of the characters were developed enough to feel anything for. Just bland cliches with little to no background.

I had hoped it would be at least entertaining to watch for its action. Unfortunately, that gets dull pretty quickly, too. I really wanted to enjoy this movie, but I can’t say that I recommend watching this one. This is one of those ‘seems like it would be good, but they did it wrong’ type things. Sorry, Mr. Snyder.

Let’s forget that for now and move on to something more interesting. X-Men First Class.

X-Men First Class

Maybe I should mention that I haven’t really been the biggest fan of X-Men movies before I begin. They were maybe better than the typical super-hero movie, but I didn’t find anything that special about them. First Class is a prequel to the original three X-Men movies (Four if you count that Wolverine spin-off. I don’t). It shows how the central conflict began between the mutants.

There are two opposing thoughts for mutants. One is that mutants are the future of mankind, normal humans will become extinct and try to fight the mutants to spare their own kind. The other is that while mutants may be the next stage of human evolution, there is no good reason why the two can’t exist in peace. Both of these sides have very solid ideas, which I think made watching this movie so interesting.

The characters and the actors portraying them are so deep and compelling. They chose all the right people, and exactly the right script. From beginning to end, I was engaged in the story. Even never having cared much for X-Men films, after watching the gradual conflict between Xavier and Magneto forming, I really wanted to watch the previous X-Men movies again.

As much as I would like to talk in detail about the finer moments of the film, I wouldn’t want to steal from you the opportunity to see it for yourself. I think that this is just a great movie, X-Men fan or not. If you’re going to pay money to see a movie in the theaters this summer, let it be X-Men First Class.

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