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Posted on Wednesday June 29, 2011 at 5:56pm in

I decided to add a new feature that it seems most blogs have these days. Categories. Also known as themes, topics, tags, etc. I didn’t do it from the start because I didn’t really like using them. I thought it would be a pain to tag each post and file it into a single category. Well, I figured it was finally time to change that, for the sake of organization and ease of use.

As my post count nears 500 here, I think it would be much easier for not only my readers, but also me, to be able to search for articles by topic. So I went through every post I’ve ever written and assigned it one or two categories. Now at the bottom of each post you will notice that it has a category attached to it. For example, at the bottom of this one you will see the category “Blog News.” If you look at the right sidebar, under Recent Commentators, you’ll see all of the categories and the number of articles in each one.

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