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Osaka Lover

Posted on Monday August 15, 2011 at 2:30pm in ,

It’s been a while since I translated a music video. This time it’s Dreams Come True performing “Osaka Lover.” This song was a little challenging to translate because it is full of Osaka-dialect. Osaka is second largest city in Japan, and has its own dialect. Most Japanese people can understand it fine, despite many words being different than standard Tokyo Japanese. My problem is that Osaka-dialect is not usually taught in Japanese class, so I had to learn a lot of new words to translate this song. I think that for this reason it was a good pick!

Just a couple more quick notes on the song itself for people who aren’t familiar with Osaka. The song is about a Tokyo woman dating a man in Osaka and commutes down to be with him. This is a fair distance, comparable to about half of California. By car, it’s about a ten hour trip – by bullet train maybe three hours. A famous site in Tokyo is Tokyo Tower, while Osaka has Tsuutenkaku, although not as big as Tokyo Tower. While I regrettably haven’t been to Tokyo Tower yet, I have been to Tsuutenkaku. Here’s a picture I took of it myself while I was in Osaka. I think that’s about all the notes you should need. Enjoy the music video!

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