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Starwars Baseball

Posted on Friday November 11, 2011 at 3:48pm in ,

I just finished a large group project for my Database Systems class and I’d like to share it with you all. The goal of the project was to design our own database and populate it with baseball statistics. There were a lot of guidelines on the database itself to keep things even between groups. After designing a database, we had to implement a web-based structure to display all of the data from the database and also interact with it. We could use any infrastructure we wanted. My team went with Struts. This is a particularly large project, so it was worth 2 projects in points.

To make the baseball part of the project a bit more interesting, our team decided to make it a Star Wars Baseball (SWB) database. One motivator for us was that the best two groups with working implementations with the best designs will get an instant A on the project. So, I took a lot of extra time designing just the look of the site:

Star Wars Baseball
Welcome to the SWB.

That is the Teams page. Keep in mind that I am not a designer (but then again, no one in the class is) and Larry had a lot of critiques for my design. Time was pretty short though, so we went with my first draft and started working on the Struts to make our database appear on the page.

There were a lot of cool Star Wars references we threw into the teams. For example the Tons O’ Fett Team:

Star Wars Baseball
All the same picture, just different angles. Their stats are all identical.

I’d like to give you a link to the website so you can browse all of the players, stats, and check everything out in detail, but unfortunately it needs to be run from our eclipse workspace on a tomcat server. So, you’ll have to settle for images for now.

Star Wars Baseball
This is the Stats page.

We put our database CREATE and INSERT sql script (the file that we had to write to populate our database with all of the stats) into word to see how many pages it took up. It took up just under 95 pages. This was no small project!

Star Wars Baseball
The players page. We have a total of about 120 players over the course of 5 seasons in 11 different teams.

We also had to add admin utilities that would allow an admin user to add a player, delete a player, edit a player, add a team, delete a team, edit a team and so on.

Star Wars Baseball
Add a Player.

I think our project turned out really well and this is something I’m very proud of! It was a lot of work, though. Looking at other groups projects there were definitely a lot of cool innovations. One group wrote an algorithm to scan every player’s picture and determine whether or not the player had a beard. They then had a beard column that would say beard or no beard on their player page. They also wrote a mobile app for their project so that it could be displayed on a phone. Very impressive stuff!

The results haven’t come back for best designs yet though, but I think so far we are on top. Fingers crossed.


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