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Posted on Friday June 15, 2012 at 8:28pm in


This movie just came out recently and there has been a lot of talk about it. It’s been hyped up quite a bit and I thought it looked really good myself. Unfortunately, after seeing the movie, there was a lot that I thought was wrong with it. It’s a “loose” prequel to the movie Alien, in that it takes place in the same universe yet is not directly connected. You don’t have to watch Alien to understand what is going on in Prometheus.

Here are my reasons why Prometheus was disappointing.

1. David. He is the most interesting character of the crew, but is not really explained in the movie. He is an android, and the crew treats him like one but you never know what his deal is. What motives does he have to do what he does? It was really disappointing to see great teaser trailers like this:

which seem really interesting but get nothing of the sort in the actual movie. David does get a lot of screen time, but little of it is interesting. He is just a flat character. He is clearly capable of having very interesting dialogues, but there is only one or two scenes of this and they are very short. I would have liked to see more of David, in a more meaningful way.

2. The plot holes. There are a few rather large plot holes that in the interest of keeping this spoiler free I can’t really discuss. Questionable character motives that make little sense can also be included in this category, I think. There are a lot of moments when you’ll find yourself scratching your head wondering how or why a character jumped to a certain conclusion or decision.

3. Dumb Scientists. The scientists that make up the crew of the Prometheus make a lot of really bone-headed decisions. Even a layman can tell that actions such as removing your helmet on a foreign moon even though the air is breathable or not sending in robots or drones to explore beforehand is pretty dumb. This really detracts from the realism of the film.

4. No Aliens. Yep.

5. Unanswered Questions. This movie poses a lot of questions that would have been nice to have an answer to but leaves most of them open in the end. This could be looked at as a good thing to some extent, but I think there was just too much left to the audience. Seems lazy on the screenwriters end.

6. Long panning shots of the same room over and over again. They never go anywhere in this movie but one hollowed out mountain on the same moon for over two hours. Prepare for lots of long panning shots of ‘exploration.’ There were long stretches of boredom. Seeing the same cave is just not as interesting in a movie as it would be if this were real life.

As you can see, there is quite a bit wrong with this movie. It’s a little too long, a little too boring, and a little too nonsensical. I wanted to like this movie, because it looked good – but I can’t really recommend it. I have some mixed emotions because this movie had a lot of potential and it did have some good moments, but it probably isn’t worth the money to go see it in theaters.


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