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Last Semester

Posted on Sunday December 16, 2012 at 5:43pm in

It’s Sunday now and by Saturday I will have finished my undergraduate program at the University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire. This is it, the final stretch. I’ll finally be done with school. It’s been a long five and a half years but I wish it could continue forever. Maybe I just don’t adapt well to change but I like going to school and working. After this, all that’s left will be the working. I accepted a job offer at JB Systems and I start in January. I like working there, but I’m not really looking forward to just working from now on. Hopefully I will have another adventure soon.

Friday was my very last day of class. I’ve been having a lot of lasts this last week. Here’s a bit of what’s been happening…

On the last day of Operating Systems, we had a senior prank of sorts planned for Dr. Tan, our professor. Dr. Tan is notorious in the CS department as being a very strict and difficult professor. I’ve compared him to a linebacker guarding the gates of graduation. Having since said that, actually I did very well in his last class – something I wasn’t expecting!

One time, in a freshman level programming course Dr. Tan was teaching, a first year student in the front row opened up a newspaper (loudly) and began reading it during the lecture. Dr. Tan didn’t like that at all. He effectively ended that student’s academic career and he never returned to class. Soon, all of the classes Dr. Tan taught heard that story and knew how much he hated newspapers.

That said, our senior prank was to have everyone bring a newspaper and open it up as soon as Dr. Tan started lecturing. That’s what we did:

Last Semester
I’m in the middle of the room on the left side.

Dr. Tan thought it was hilarious and took this photo of it.

I also attended my very last Japanese coffee hour. It went for over 3 hours and was a very fun coffee hour – just sad that I won’t get to do another one! I’ve been going to almost every coffee hour to practice my Japanese and tutor Japanese students for over five years. Here’s the photo we took to commemorate the event:

Last Semester

I think that’s about all I have to say right now. It’s finals week but I only have one final which isn’t until Friday. I have a pretty easy last week.

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