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Fort Worth Part II

Posted on Monday June 10, 2013 at 9:54pm in

I made another trip back to Fort Worth a few weeks ago at the end of May to celebrate my birthday with Hiroko. I went from Thursday until Monday (I took two days off work to make the trip a bit longer). I arrived in the afternoon and waited for her to get done with work. She came and picked me up around 4. We went to dinner at a place called Uncle Julio’s, which is a Mexican restaurant. It was pretty good, but I ate wayyy too many tacos (three tacos).

We did a lot of fun stuff. It ended up raining every day, but we did have a few hours of sunshine each day. On Thursday and Friday Hiroko was working so we didn’t get to do much. We stayed at her house with her two cats Leo-kun and Yui-chan and waited out the rain. On Friday night we went to see Star Trek: Into Darkness. I really liked it. I liked it a lot more than I thought I would, because I didn’t care for the first one that much. Hiroko was the opposite – she said the first one was better and was so bored by the new one. Don’t listen to her though, it’s really good. Trust me!

When we got home we had some pineapple gin and tonic (I didn’t even know they made pineapple gin, but it’s my new favorite). At least, I think we did this on Friday. It’s been a couple of weeks now and everything seems like one big long day. This blog may be a bit out of order, actually.

The next day it looked like it was going to be a nice sunny day. We had breakfast at Sonic and looked around for some stuff to do. Hiroko had the Group-On app on her phone, so she browsed for some fun ideas. We found a Segway tour of Dallas which looked like fun so we bought it. Then, we called the company to make the reservation, but they didn’t have any openings that day! I was scheduled to fly back the next day so we had to cancel our tour, regrettably.

We decided to go to the beach instead. Not all the way to the gulf of course, but we did go to Grapevine Lake.

Fort Worth Part IIGrapevine Lake.

Fort Worth Part IIHiroko in the small desert.

Fort Worth Part IIThere were a lot of people out on jet-skis and boats.

Fort Worth Part IIA lot of birds and animals, too.

Fort Worth Part IIHiroko and I. She had an app on her phone that could edit photos. I tried to edit this one, but did a bad job.

Fort Worth Part IIHiroko did a better job with this one.

We walked pretty far from the car along the beach. When we decided to turn around and go back, we were just arriving at the car when it started to rain. We got lucky it didn’t rain when we were so far from the car! We went back home and talked to Hiroko’s new roommate. We wanted to go to Win Star, the world’s second largest casino in Oklahoma, but Hiroko said it was three hours away. However, according to her new roommate, it was only one hour away! We checked the map and sure enough, it was only an hour away. We decided to leave right away and check it out.

Fort Worth Part IIOn the way to Oklahoma. Notice I got sunburned after only an hour on the overcast beach.

Fort Worth Part IIAt the casino.

Hiroko actually took a lot of photos at the casino because my phone wasn’t working, but I wasn’t able to save them to my computer! So, this is the only photo from the casino. The casino was really cool, though. There were several large rooms themed after famous cities of the world, a resort, lots of restaurants, and of course – tons of gambling. I decided I would gamble $100 on the machines and maybe some blackjack. Hiroko watched as I lost $20, won $75, and then lost another $55 (coming out even). Perhaps I should have quit a bit sooner – but at least I didn’t lose anything. It was a fun experience!

The next day I was supposed to leave. Hiroko really didn’t want me to go yet, though and as it turns out – the next day was Memorial Day which meant I had work off. We went to the airport, but instead of getting on the plane I extended my stay until the next day. Hiroko was really happy and then we got a whole ‘nuther day in Texas.

We went to lunch after that at On The Border. I think this was my favorite restaurant. I wish they had one around here because I really liked it.

Fort Worth Part IIWatermelon margarita and Sang aria margarita!

After lunch we went to the Dallas World Aquarium.

Fort Worth Part IIOutside the aquarium.

It wasn’t so much an aquarium as a zoo. There were a lot of birds, lizards, reptiles, and other animals as well. Also, I couldn’t help but feeling like I had been there before. The center of the aquarium with the waterfall looked really familiar.

Fort Worth Part IIHiroko hated this bird.

Fort Worth Part IIHating the bird.

Fort Worth Part II

Fort Worth Part IIUs in the glass.

Fort Worth Part IICute.

Fort Worth Part II

Fort Worth Part IIA colorful bird.

Fort Worth Part IILots of greenery.

Fort Worth Part II

Fort Worth Part IIWaterfall.

Fort Worth Part IIHello Kitty.

Fort Worth Part II

Fort Worth Part II

Fort Worth Part II

Fort Worth Part IISleeping buddy.

Fort Worth Part II

Fort Worth Part IIBird dancer?

The aquarium was a lot of fun. Most of my pictures from the trip were from there. For dinner we went to a sushi place called Piranha Sushi.

Fort Worth Part II

It was very good, but pretty pricey. We got sake, tons of different sushi, and blue crab fried rice which was a baked fried rice casserole. Everything was good. After dinner we walked down the street to check out the movie theater. There were a few movies showing that we wanted to see, but we chose Iron Man 3. The showing wasn’t for a while so we walked around a bit beforehand.

When we got to the movie, we saw it was a unique theater. It was like a restaurant-movie theater where there were tables and comfy seats. We got our own table with a button on it. When you push the button, a waiter comes to take your order. They had a full menu including soft drinks and coffee with free refills. The prices were cheaper than the food prices at a regular theater! What a deal. Not only was this a cool experience, but Iron Man 3 was really great, too! Out of the three, I liked this one the best by far. Then again, I didn’t care for the first two, so… take that how you will if you did like the first two.

It was a great last day and I’m really glad I ended up staying longer. I wish I had the other photos to show because they were good, too. But, this post is getting pretty long anyway. It was a great trip!


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