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rewardStyle Bowling

Posted on Tuesday May 06, 2014 at 8:21pm in

My company, rewardStyle, has a large annual conference for our top publishers. In the week leading up to the conference this year, all of the Londoners flew into Dallas to help with the preparations. We also had some fun together with team outings. The biggest, most organized outing we had was going bowling at Bowl and Barrel. rS rented out party buses for us to shuttle from the office to the bowling alley. I took some pictures of inside of the party bus, but they didn’t turn out so well. Just imagine a fun party bus full of fun rS people.

rewardStyle BowlingBowl and Barrel

rewardStyle BowlingBowl and Barrel

They gave us team shirts; my team was called “Bowl Cuts.” I didn’t pick the name, but it was an alright name. They also catered food:

rewardStyle BowlingThe food was great. I thought I took more pics of it, but this is the only shot I got. There were better dishes later on

They had some event photographers, too. That reminds me, I forgot to check online to get more shots of the event. They probably had much better ones online, but I think I’m a bit too late on that one. Here are a few that I saw got uploaded pretty early on.

rewardStyle BowlingrewardStyle April 2014

rewardStyle BowlingSmaller group (I’m not in this one)

I bowled a 141 on my first game, which was just shy of the top score of 150-something. That was too bad, because if I had gotten the top score I would have won $100! Ah, well. This event was super fun, although it was on a Tuesday. It was too bad it was on a weekday, because we had to come into the office the next day despite it feeling like a Friday night.

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