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Apartment Updates

Posted on Sunday May 25, 2014 at 6:19pm in

I had been wanting to go to IKEA since I moved to Texas to get some stuff for my apartment. I wanted to get some dining room chairs, a coffee table, and a TV mount for the bedroom TV. Jenny and I took a day trip to the IKEA in Frisco (about 30 mins away from my place) and picked out a bunch of new things. Jenny has a pretty good eye for interior design, and I like to think I do, too. We ended up getting a floor lamp, a desk lamp, a cube bookcase, a coffee table, a rug, plants, pillows, mirrors, and a TV mount. Then, we spent the rest of the night when we got back putting everything together and arranging everything. We started in the afternoon and finally had the last piece in place around midnight. I took a few pictures of the new furniture, but first here’s a before picture of the living room.

Apartment UpdatesLiving room: before.

Apartment UpdatesAfter!

Apartment Updates

Apartment UpdatesJenny put together this little mirror collage on the wall. Except, she did it to her height so I can’t see into any of the mirrors from my regular standing position

Apartment UpdatesThis is a nifty cube storage unit. I got some bamboo, a money tree (I think), and a jalapeno is growing in the top left cube.

Apartment UpdatesCactus friends

Apartment UpdatesA large cylindrical floor lamp

Apartment UpdatesMounted bedroom TV!

I’m really happy with how everything came together. For all the stuff I bought, we got it all for under $400. I believe the total was somewhere around $370, which I thought was surprisingly cheap. I still have a few more things I’m looking to get. We didn’t see any dining room chairs that fit the look of my place, so that’s still on the list as a lower priority. I also would like to get some dressers for storage and for foldable clothing, a bed skirt, and some art prints for the walls. I think things are coming together very well!

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