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Austin Roadtrip Part II

Posted on Tuesday June 17, 2014 at 11:23pm in ,

After leaving the capitol we planned to check out the graffiti gardens. The park was called Castle Hill Graffiti and it had several large walls which anyone could spray paint on. Jenny wanted to pick up some cans of paint and write something ourselves but we ended up not getting any before we went. It was fun to just walk around and check out all the different pictures and writings.

Austin Roadtrip Part IIAt the bottom of the hill

Austin Roadtrip Part IIHappy cow

Austin Roadtrip Part IISo many paintings

Austin Roadtrip Part II

Austin Roadtrip Part IIJenny sitting on one of the walls

We walked around the park for maybe 30 minutes. The next stop on our list was to go see Jenny’s friend, Schafer who was letting us stay at his house (or as I call it, the Schaf-house). We went to meet him at his place and Jenny introduced us to each other. We went to grab some beer from the liquor shop next door and then we sat outside chatting for a bit. When we came back in we met his cat, Rosanne.

Austin Roadtrip Part IIChilling with the cat and Schafer on the bed

Austin Roadtrip Part IISchafer’s cat, Rosanne

We went to an authentic ramen shop for dinner. It was called Ramen Tatsuya and it was delicious. I haven’t had authentic Japanese ramen in a good while, so it was nice to taste it again.

Austin Roadtrip Part IIDelicious, delicious ramen

Later that night Schafer took us out to a dive bar called Bar Fly’s. The drinks were cheap and we had fun talking outside. The bar itself wasn’t much, but it was a cheap place to drink that wasn’t too crowded. It was also within walking distance of the Schaf-house.

Austin Roadtrip Part IISchafer and I at Bar Fly’s

Austin Roadtrip Part IIJenny and I

On the way back there was a section of closed freeway, so we got to walk in the street for a bit and take some pictures. There was a really good one of Jenny and I on the overpass but it accidentally got deleted. This one is pretty good too, though.

Austin Roadtrip Part IIStreets of Austin!

We finished the night by watching movies and drinking more at the house. We planned to get up early and go to see Hamilton Pool, another awesome Austin landmark. That was the plan anyway, but it got moved to our to-do list for the next Austin trip because no one woke up on time.

We instead went to eat breakfast at a popular Austin restaurant. I forgot the name, but they had great breakfast tacos and a cool outdoor patio.

Austin Roadtrip Part IIOutside patio

Austin Roadtrip Part IISchafer

Austin Roadtrip Part IIBreakfast tacos

On the way back I saw another cool wall mural.

Austin Roadtrip Part IISee ya, Austin!

Shortly after finishing breakfast we dropped Schafer off and we started heading our way back up to Dallas.

Austin Roadtrip Part IIBack to Dallas!

When we got back to Dallas we finished the day out by the pool. It was an awesome road trip. Austin was great, I hope we can go back soon. There are still a lot of things I want to do there!

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