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25th Birthday

Posted on Tuesday July 01, 2014 at 11:54pm in

This post is mainly about my birthday on May 23rd, but I also have a couple of things that I want to catch up on first. Firstly, Jenny and I started dog-sitting after we got back from Austin for a good friend of ours, Taylor. His lease ended and his planned roommate backed out of their plans for a new place at the last minute, so he was stuck without a place to stay and no place to house his puppy. He asked if Jenny and I could watch her for a few weeks and we said sure. That’s how we got this cute thing:

25th BirthdayNala!

Nala ended up staying with us for quite a bit longer than we expected, but that’s a story for another time.

I bought some running shoes and started running for a half hour five days a week, to supplement my time in the gym while at work.

25th BirthdayNew running shoes!

I got Jenny some running new running shoes too and we started running together. We went on some runs outside with Nala, but Texas is very hot and running at the gym on the treadmill is much easier to stay consistent.

Anyway. Nala. New kicks.

On my birthday, I woke up and went to work. When I got to my desk, I saw this cute sign taped to my monitor, from my coworker.

25th BirthdayHappy Birthday, Princess

It happened to be Friday, which was a nice treat. It also happened to be the first Friday of “Summer Hours” which means we get done at 3pm instead of the usual 7pm. After work, I picked up Jenny from her friend’s place and came home to this:

25th BirthdayJenny decorated the apartment while I was at work

Turns out she had to stand on top of a chair on top of the coffee table to put the streamers up. I didn’t realize how difficult it must have been until I took them down a couple of weeks later.

Jenny got me two birthday cards, this was one of them.

25th BirthdayCute sushi card

For gifts, I got a few things. Jenny got me these two awesome prints, one of which I’ve wanted forever.

25th BirthdayDivision by Justin Maller

25th BirthdayDragonfly by Justin Maller

She also got me a copy of Scar Tissue by Anthony Kiedis, a book that I’ve been wanting to read for a long time. Turns out it’s one of her favorite books!

So, I got home on Friday and we were planning to go see the new X-Men movie with just the two of us and then have a party with some coworkers and friends on Saturday. Jenny bought the tickets online and then after the gym we went to see the movie.

Not really, though. We didn’t go see the movie. As it turns out, Jenny had other plans. She planned a surprise birthday dinner for me at Tillman’s Roadhouse!

Here are some pictures from the Facebook event she made that I didn’t see until afterwards.

25th BirthdayDrew’s 1/4 Century Old Man Day

25th BirthdayJenny’s commentary and a short video of her playing “Happy Birthday” on the harmonica

My coworkers Abel, Adam, and Harper all showed up. I was super surprised to see everyone, I wasn’t expecting anything like that. Harper’s wife and Adam’s girlfriend also came, along with our friend Kelsey.

25th BirthdayI got steak

25th BirthdayMmm, steak

Kelsey got me a random assortment of gifts. Seriously, I’ve never seen such a random bag of gifts. She confessed she went to CVS on the way to the dinner and just threw a bunch of random stuff in a bag. I thought it was pretty funny.

25th BirthdayCalcium supplements, Dawn dish soap, Jolly Rancher popsicles, a Dream Lite stuffed animal, and some air freshners

25th BirthdayOpening up the random gift bag

25th BirthdaySinging Happy Birthday again with the cake

After dinner we went downtown to City Tavern and met up with Nicholas and Bizzy. We finished at One Eyed Penguin and then came home. It was definitely a great 25th birthday, and one I’ll always remember! I’d especially like to thank Jenny for making it such a special day.

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