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In The Meantime...

Posted on Sunday July 13, 2014 at 10:38pm in

There’s a lot of things that happened between my birthday and the end of June, so I’m gonna try and get caught up. This will cover from the end of the last post until about 2 weeks ago.

The night after my 25th birthday, we went out and celebrated again. It was really more of a birthday weekend, since Taylor was also celebrating his golden birthday. We celebrated together on Saturday. We went to Cane Rosso for dinner, a pizza place downtown. Great pizza, by the way. We met some friends at The Green Room in Deep Ellum and started drinking there. At the end of the night, we went to Eden to finish out. Eden is a dance club that opens at 3am and stays open until 8am, but it’s only open on Saturdays. Lately, we’ve been going there a lot.

In The Meantime...Eternal Eden Video here

We’d been having a lot of fun watching Nala.

In The Meantime...Towel Dog. Video here

Jenny kept making delicious meals:

In The Meantime...Jenny loves cooking

As such, our grocery list continued to grow…

In The Meantime...Many things to get

In The Meantime...But, groceries = more delicious food by Jenny

We checked out a Bar Rescued bar.

In The Meantime...Thirsty’s Roadside Bar in Grand Prairie

The bar was alright. You couldn’t really tell it had been on Bar Rescue and it was really smoky. The crowd was pretty old for us, we were the youngest ones there by a long shot. We had only one drink and then went out to meet up with Abel and Tiffany downtown.

In The Meantime...Taylor started staying with us for a bit

We got Nala a doggy bed.

In The Meantime...Jenny and Nala in their natural habitats

We did more dog sitting over a weekend. We watched Scout, Kelsey and Kody’s dog.

In The Meantime...Two dog weekend

In The Meantime...At the dog park! Video here

We went to Eden one night and stayed until they closed. Then, we just decided to stay up and go to a pool party the next day at Sisu in uptown.

In The Meantime...Pool party at Sisu

In The Meantime...Me, Jenny, Kevin, and Jeremy. One long weekend day

I got a wallet upgrade:

In The Meantime...New Tommy wallet

Nala got a kennel upgrade:

In The Meantime...New dog box, much more spacious

Taylor went to Florida and came back. Here we are at Woody’s together the day he came back:

In The Meantime...Jenny, me, Cole, Taylor, TJ

And then, the day finally came when Taylor found a new place to live and Nala went back to stay with him.

In The Meantime...Aww, bye Nala… It was fun!

We really miss Nala now. We went to the Irving SPCA to look at getting a puppy but didn’t end up getting one yet.

This brings us up to date through June. I’ll talk about 4th of July and a trip to the Japanese Botanical Gardens in the next post.

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