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Late July to Early August

Posted on Wednesday September 24, 2014 at 10:41pm in

This is another one of those “in-between” posts. I’m finally starting to get caught up, though. After the boat party, there wasn’t much left of July. Jenny and I did make a trip down to Lakewood Brewery, though. Jenny’s friend from high school, Alex, volunteers there on weekends. We went to go say hi to her and also to check out the brewery. For $10, we got to tour the building and also received four free beers each. We got to sample whatever kinds of beers we wanted. At the end we found out we got to keep the cups they gave us. They were very cool looking cups, too:

Late July to Early AugustTexas beer growler and cup

That’s a great deal for only $10. $10 for four drinks alone is an amazing deal, not even counting the glasses and the tour. The growler pictured above Jenny got for us at the tour. There were a lot of different designs, but I really liked that one. Unfortunately, it’s just been sitting on top of the fridge because we haven’t found any place that will fill it yet. Hopefully we’ll get to use it soon.

Late July to Early AugustBeer

Jenny started working at a restaurant in uptown, just down the street from my office. She’s been working really hard every day from 7am until sometimes 7pm. She quickly got promoted to Daytime Bar Manager and then again to Front of House Manager. Unfortunately, she’s still had to work weekends. I made a thing lately of riding the train to uptown to go see her at the bar on Saturday, usually with some other friends.

Late July to Early AugustTrain to Dallas

Late July to Early AugustCityplace/Uptown Dallas has so many stairs

I’d drink $10 bottomless mimosas and sometimes have some lunch. Then, when her shift ends we go do something together for the rest of the day.

The restaurant she’s working at is called Origin Kitchen + Bar. The food is amazing.

Late July to Early AugustBLT Plus

Late July to Early AugustSteak

The menu is all seasonal, so it changes depending on what time of the year it is. They always do a different menu, too. They have a lot of creative dishes, and I’ve never had anything that wasn’t delicious there. If you’re ever in Dallas, I definitely recommend checking the restaurant out.

We also started going out early on Friday nights, usually to Round-up to visit Taylor. Jenny works early mornings, so we go out early and come back around midnight before it gets too late. One time when we were at Round-up Jenny wanted to sing karaoke. She was super nervous because the bar was packed, but she really wanted to do it. She did awesome and the bar loved her. She thinks she could do much better if she hadn’t been drinking, but I think she did just fine. Way better than I could do.

Jenny sings

Okay! That concludes this in-between post. The next post is going to be about my parents’ trip to Dallas!

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