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Mom and Dad Visit Dallas

Posted on Tuesday September 30, 2014 at 10:04pm in

Been doing a lot of writing lately, almost getting caught up! We’re getting to the end of August now. On August 20th, my mom and dad came to visit me in Dallas (their first trip here). I took off the whole week from Wednesday until Sunday and showed them around the DFW metroplex. I woke up around 6 and saw a picture from my parents already on my phone. They were on their way from Minneapolis!

Mom and Dad Visit DallasOn the way!

I gave Jenny a ride to work. We were kinda tired because we spent the night before cleaning up the apartment until midnight to be sure it was extra presentable. From dropping Jenny off I went right to the airport to meet mom and dad. I walked to their gate, checked my phone, looked up and they were walking through just at that moment. Perfect timing! I welcomed them to Dallas, we chatted for a bit and headed to the car.

The weather was pretty hot, climbing close to 90 degrees at only 9:00. We packed up the car with their luggage and headed out. I suggested we have brunch at Jenny’s restaurant so they could meet Jenny and also have some delicious local food. They thought that was a good idea, so we drove back to Origin and Mom and Dad got to see some of the scenery (read: freeways).

We got to Origin around 10, just in time for brunch. We each got a bottomless mimosa and ordered some food. Mom got a bowl of tortillas topped with cheese, salsa, chicken, avocado, and various other things. I forget what it was called. I forget what Dad got, and I got an omelet of sorts. We all shared and the food was great as usual.

From the restaurant we went back to my place (also their first time).

Mom and Dad Visit DallasWe took around the outside, first

We checked out the pool, the gym, and the breezeways. I gave them a quick tour of my place, and we chatted out on the balcony for a bit.

Mom and Dad Visit DallasChilling on the balcony

I had a long list of ideas of things we could do. After a quick rest, we went for a walk around the neighborhood. We took a stroll around Lake Carolyn and William Square.

Mom and Dad Visit DallasOutside my place

We went to have some drinks at Twin Peaks, a breastaurant with super cheap beer. Really though, it’s gotta be one of the last places in America that still has a 99 cent beer on tap (normal price, not even happy hour price). We had a couple of drinks and then went to pick up Jenny. Jenny was tired after work so she went to bed while we figured out our plan for the night.

I decided that a good place for dinner would be Velvet Taco, a restaurant that serves almost exclusively tacos, yet all of the tacos are super unique and delicious. Here is an assortment of tacos we ordered:

Mom and Dad Visit DallasMmm… tacos

The weather was perfect so we sat outside and ate while the sun went down. The next plan was to head to the NYLO hotel rooftop in Southside for a nice view of the Dallas skyline. The idea was that it would be less crowded on a Wednesday evening, and by the time we got there it would be optimal lighting for the night-time skyline. We could have some drinks and enjoy the nice weather.

I got a few pictures up at the top of the NYLO, but this one is pretty good:

Mom and Dad Visit Dallas@NYLO

I’m not really smiling, but it’s a good shot because you can see Mom and I in front of the skyline pretty well. I apologize for the photo quality in this post by the way, it’s been aggregated from a number of sources such as screenshots, Snapchats, and Facebook. All of them are taken by cell phones.

After a few drinks at the NYLO we drove back home and called it a night. We wanted to get up early and have a look at the old broken Jetta with Dad. It had been diagnosed, but not yet fixed. Dad wanted to see if we could maybe fix it ourselves. After about an hour we decided it was probably possible, but we didn’t want to spend our time fixing the car when I already had a new one. We decided to buy some beer from the downstairs market and go for a swim in the pool.

We swam for a good part of the morning and afternoon. Around 1 we got changed and took the DART train and bus to Sweet Tomatoes, a salad buffet restaurant.

Mom and Dad Visit DallasWaiting for the bus

In the evening, Jenny decided to tag along with us after she was done working. We went to Opening Bell Coffee for trivia night. Opening Bell was one of Jenny’s first jobs in Dallas. We had heard they were having trivia, and we’d been wanting to go. We thought it would be a lot of fun to get a bottle of wine and do trivia with my parents. However, the trivia was so obscure we could barely come up with any answers. Somewhere around round seven we decided that trivia was not so fun after all and turned in our blank answer sheets and went to have dinner at Ramen Hakata in Addison.

I didn’t know it before we went, but my parents had never had authentic ramen before. I was even more excited to show them Ramen Hakata after seeing some of the dishes being brought out of the kitchen. It was the first time for all of us, and my last ramen experience in Dallas had been horrible. I was pleasantly surprised with Ramen Hakata, however.

Mom and Dad Visit DallasPerfection

Mom and Dad Visit DallasMom and Dad’s first ramen

They liked it, of course. Happy to say, this is the best ramen place I’ve been to in the DFW. I still have yet to try Monkey King Noodle Company, though – which I hear is great. Tei-An is actually probably better (I went there last summer), but way more expensive.

After dinner we went to The Flying Saucer down the street to sample some of their some two-hundred beers on tap. Unfortunately, it was too loud to really have a conversation and the beer I chose was not my cup of tea (or beer) at all. I was kind of put off to drinking at that point, also because I was super full from the ramen. We decided to leave shortly after.

Friday we went to a Studio Movie Grill (restaurant/movie theater) to see Guardians of the Galaxy. We ordered a pitcher of margarita and some food before the movie. My parents had never been to a movie grill before. They really enjoyed the experience, and everyone liked the movie. We were soooo full afterwards, though.

We next went to Northpark Mall to do some shopping. My mom wanted to get some Texas souvenirs.

Mom and Dad Visit DallasAt Northpark Mall

Mom and Dad Visit DallasIn front of the cactus display

We walked around all day trying to burn off all of the food from the movie grill. Eventually, we decided to go to Truck Yard. A “very Texas” type outdoor bar.

Mom and Dad Visit DallasTruck Yard

We had some drinks, chatted, and enjoyed the Texan style.

Mom and Dad Visit DallasTruck Yard

We did eventually get hungry again and went to have dinner at Pecan Lodge, a famous DFW barbecue food-truck turned restaurant. Then, we were full again.

In the morning my parents wanted to go the Dallas farmer’s market. I wasn’t that excited about the farmer’s market and had never been there, but I ended up enjoying it the most. I got so many fresh vegetables and fruits for only $20!

Mom and Dad Visit DallasThe Dallas farmer’s market. Yes, this is the best picture I could find

In the evening, we met up with Jenny again and she took us to the Korean super market. She bought a bunch of supplies and cooked us Korean BBQ.

Mom and Dad Visit DallasKorean BBQ

Yes, we were full again. That was a common theme of the trip. After dinner there was… dessert!

Mom and Dad Visit DallasCute korean baked goods that look at you while you eat them

That’s not how they came, we added the googly eyes after purchase.

Then, it was time for an evening swim.

Mom and Dad Visit DallasNighttime swimming

On Sunday morning, the last day of my parents’ trip, Jenny went to Taylor’s place to go pick up Nala so my parents could meet her. We took her to the dog park in uptown.

Mom and Dad Visit DallasOn the way to the dog park!

Nala usually enjoys running around in the park, but she didn’t have any friends to play with this time. We sat at a picnic table and had some lunch, but Nala just looked at us through the fenced in dog area and waited for us to come inside. We got some drinks and went into the doggie area with Nala and watched her run around and played fetch with her. It was fun, but very hot.

We went back home and relaxed for a bit. We had to wind down after a few straight days of having fun. Nala was a lot of fun to have around for the day, and she is always very well behaved. She came with to drop off Mom and Dad at the airport later that day.

And… that’s it! That was the trip. I think everyone had a great time, can’t wait for the next time they get to come and visit. I will probably be back in Wisconsin first, though.

Upcoming topics… Mad Decent Block Party, The Oddball Comedy Festival, and the Texas State Fair.

Look forward to it!

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