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Dad Visits Dallas, State Fair Part II

Posted on Monday October 27, 2014 at 10:33pm in

I just realized I never wrote about this here, but someone dented my new car up pretty good a while back. I decided to file a claim through Progressive, something I’d never done before. I was considering paying to get it fixed without filing a claim, but they did over $2,000 in damage. It was a real shame because I had just gotten the car and already someone had messed it up.

Turns out filing a claim was super easy. I gave them a call and set up an appointment to bring my car in. I got there in the morning before work and they were all ready for me. They surveyed the damage to my car, gave me a new car to drive in the meantime and said I could drive it as much as I like, I just needed to fill the tank back up. Then, I was on my way in less than 15 minutes. They called me the next day with an estimate on how long it would take (one week) and that was it!

The following week I went to go pick it up, traded in my rental car and got back my Jetta, shiny and new.

Dad Visits Dallas, State Fair Part IIJust like new! Thanks Progressive!

And it all only cost me $250. It couldn’t have been easier. I’m really happy with how easy Progressive made everything. Just as I was getting my car, my dad gave me a call and said he was on his way to Dallas by car for work. He had left from Wisconsin at 5 in the morning and was due to arrive at 10pm (all in one day, wow). Jenny was having a birthday dinner for one of her friends, so she wasn’t around when Dad got to town. Dad brought down a bunch of my stuff left at their house from Wisconsin and we carried it into my storage unit. Then, we went out to get him some food since he never stopped to even eat. We got some food at Champp’s, then headed back to my place. We got back around midnight and Dad went to sleep on the couch, I had work in the morning.

The next day was Friday, I went to work, Jenny went to IKEA and bought us some new dressers. Dad spent the day going to the Dallas zoo and exploring the city by himself. When I got off work, I thought we should all go to the state fair together to get some food and also to see what the fair looks like at night.

It turns out the state fair at night is a whole different experience than during the day. Everything is lit up and it gives everything a completely different look.

Dad Visits Dallas, State Fair Part IIThe Texas State Fair at night

Dad tried some of our favorite fair foods from the last time we went. He agreed that the bacon fried cinnamon roll on a stick was the best of them. When we finished checking out the ground, we rode the sky tram again. I took a lot of pictures on my phone, but none of them really turned out because of the low lighting. I did take a video though, which turned out better.

Riding the tram at night

When we got to the other side we saw fireworks going off, too


We checked out the car show, too. We got tired pretty early, though. Around 10 we headed back home and went to bed. In the afternoon, I took Dad to Origin to visit Jenny and have brunch together before he had to leave for Houston. Later that night, Jenny and I went to go see Adventure Club play at the Southside Ballroom – but that’s a post for next time.

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