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Adventure Club

Posted on Thursday November 06, 2014 at 10:39pm in ,

Ah, shoot… Just as I got caught up on writing I start falling behind again. After this post I still have to write about Halloween and I am going to LA tomorrow (so I will have more to write about shortly). Gonna try and get caught up again next week.

On October 11th, one of Jenny and Jose’s favorite DJ groups, Adventure Club, was playing with EDX and DVBBS at South Side on Lamar. We bought tickets and all went together. Also tagging along was Aaron and one of Jenny’s old friends, Eddie who I just met that night and instantly liked.

Unlike the Neighbourhood show, we got there quite a bit early so we decided to have a drink at Jenny’s old coffee shop, Opening Bell Coffee. You may remember this as the place where we played trivia with my parents a couple of months ago if you were paying attention! There will be a quiz later.

I liked the scene of the shop, so I took a quick panorama with my phone (sorry for the fuzziness, the light was kind of low).

Adventure ClubOpening Bell Coffee

Adventure ClubChillin’ before the show

We just had one drink and then decided to walk over to the venue, just in case the line was getting long. We showed up before it got too crowded.

Adventure ClubAdventure!

When we were picking up our tickets from the window, Jose was just arriving. We walked in together, got our bands and got us some drinks.

Adventure ClubBoom! Team Adventure!

We had to wait quite a bit before the first performers went on, so we just chatted and drank. We started to scoot into the dance floor just before EDX started. Aaron showed up and so did Eddie. It got pretty crowded, but we managed to get in early so we got a really nice spot up front. It pays to be early!

I took a ton of photos and a ton of videos, but not many of them turned out. My phone also died while Adventure Club was playing.

Adventure ClubJammin’

Adventure ClubBlurry Jenny

Adventure ClubJose took this one. None of us really look great, but it has all of us in one shot!

I would post some of my videos, but they’re all terrible quality. I think the official event video covers everything quite a bit better.

We all had a blast. It was a super long show though. It went on for 4, maybe 5 hours. It was a lot of work, we were pretty exhausted afterwards. We already got our tickets to Lights All Night, a bigger music festival in December. I can’t wait for the next show!

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