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Friendsgiving Extravaganza

Posted on Tuesday December 09, 2014 at 6:00pm in ,

This Thanksgiving was my first in Texas. It was also the first Thanksgiving I didn’t go home for. With plans to go home for Christmas, and Christmas only being one month away, I decided to stay here and have a Friendsgiving for everyone else that wasn’t celebrating with family.

Jenny and Drew’s Friendsgiving Extravaganza only got a few responses as most people were going home to celebrate, but JT and Abel showed up. Jenny did all of the cooking and meal planning. She made an amazing feast, but definitely overkill for only four people.

It was Jenny’s first time cooking a Thanksgiving meal by herself. She did a great job.

Friendsgiving ExtravaganzaMr. Turkey getting ready for his day at the sauna

Friendsgiving ExtravaganzaBacon mashed potatoes. She put bacon in everything

Friendsgiving ExtravaganzaBacon deviled eggs

Friendsgiving ExtravaganzaHam covered in bacon and pineapple. Yes, there was a ham and a turkey

Friendsgiving ExtravaganzaFinished turkey

Friendsgiving ExtravaganzaTasty turkey

The food was all great, and there was way too much of it. There was also gravy, rolls, stuffing, pumpkin pie, and oreo pudding dessert. JT and Abel each took a bunch of leftovers with them.

The Friendsgiving wasn’t all just food, though. JT also helped us mount our living room TV.

Friendsgiving ExtravaganzaPow! Much nicer

This frees up some space on the shelf below. Maybe I’ll put a sound bar there or something.

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