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A Very Hipster Holiday

Posted on Tuesday January 06, 2015 at 9:22pm in

On December 12th, my company held a huge holiday party at Four Corners Brewery. The theme was “A Very Hipster Holiday” so we went dressed as the hippest hipsters we could. I bought some flannel, fake glasses, and a scarf. Jenny just wore what she does every day.

When I started at rewardStyle last year I had just missed the holiday party. I had always heard how fun the rS holiday parties were, so I was really looking forward to this one. I did go and I did have a fun time, but unfortunately I was not feeling well. We actually had to pack up and leave about an hour into the party.

The event photographer took a lot of awesome photos, though:

A Very Hipster HolidayThe venue (before everyone showed up)

A Very Hipster HolidayCustom rS lighting next to the photo booth trailer

We never got to use the photo booth, unfortunately. I really wanted to!

A Very Hipster HolidayHipsters getting food. You can see Jenny and I at the end of the line

A Very Hipster HolidayLive music

A Very Hipster HolidayBeeeeeer

A Very Hipster HolidayNathan and JT with their (real) hipster beards

A Very Hipster HolidayOutside

A Very Hipster HolidayDelicious beef brisket. This was the best

A Very Hipster HolidayTwo hipsters

A Very Hipster HolidaySome more hipsters

A Very Hipster HolidayTim and his poor quality imitation mustache

A Very Hipster HolidayJenny in her every day clothes and colorful hair checking out some food

A Very Hipster HolidayOut by the fire. I was feeling pretty sick at this point. You can’t see it, but I got a neck tattoo

A Very Hipster HolidayInside the trailer photo booth. #iwokeuplikedis

I wish we could have stayed longer, but I had a lot of fun the short time we were there. Hopefully I can enjoy the next one more! If you want to see all of the photos the photographer took, there’s a lot more of them here.

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