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Foam Wonderland

Posted on Saturday April 04, 2015 at 1:08am in ,

It’s spring and you know what that means… it’s festival season again! I’ve been going to more and more live shows lately. Last weekend I went to Foam Wonderland, and in two more weekends I’m going to Something Wonderful featuring Tiesto at the Cotton Bowl. Foam Wonderland was a huge EDM music festival at Quick Trip Park featuring Yellow Claw. They had three huge foam cannons that they shot at the crowd. No matter where you were standing, you were guaranteed to get at least a little wet. The people that were in the first few rows got absolutely soaked.

Foam WonderlandFoam Wonderland

We showed up a little late to the event (it started at six, but we showed up at eight when the sun was just starting to go down). The weather was perfect. Double perfect even. I had on a tank top and shorts and was completely comfortable the entire show. The artists that were on stage from when we got there were all pretty good, but the last two sets were what it was all about. Yellow Claw and Doctor P were the best, and they even had fireworks at the end, too. The foam was a lot of fun. I had never been to a foam party or a foam festival before (actually I have been to a foam event once at Eden, but i never got foamed). You can see a quick, ten second video I posted to instagram of the foam here.

Foam WonderlandLast Set

Foam WonderlandYellow Claw

I had a lot of fun! Actually I was really tired that night and not expecting to be able to enjoy it that much. But from the moment I got there, the energy of the crowd and the DJs really had me enjoying the experience. I was able to have a really great time, woke right up, and got in really close for some great footage of the stage. Check out the two minute video below to see a little bit of everything (foam, fireworks, music, the works!)

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