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Something Wonderful

Posted on Sunday May 03, 2015 at 9:55pm in ,

It’s been another long while since a blog post and I have so much to catch up on. So much has been going on lately that I’ve been too busy to blog, and then the longer that I don’t blog the more daunting of a task it becomes! Anyway, gonna try and take a bite out of the building up events and talk about Something Wonderful.

First, some miscellaneous catch-up. I’m officially moved out of my first apartment in Texas. I went to get the rest of my things in Las Colinas, including my old Jetta. I drove it to Christian Brothers Automotive to have some work done on it (the rear brakes were worn completely down). I put another $1200 into it fixing the brakes, changing the oil, and fixing the exhaust leak. I also gave it a fresh wash inside and out, filled the gas up, and just got it into selling condition in general. It’s now running like new again!

Something WonderfulWhat a fine piece of machinery

I planned to sell it right away, but now it’s parked in my extra spot at the Echo and I don’t really see any rush at the moment. It’s kind of nice having a spare car around just in case. I’m still pretty sure I will sell it soon, but I still just like having it around.

I planted some jalapenos, three this time.

Something WonderfulJalapeno bidness

My last attempt at growing a jalapeno failed… But I only planted one seed in a large pot and I’m pretty sure it never got the sunlight it needed. I have these three little guys posted up on the window sill now, and already all three of them are about four inches tall and with three leaves! Not too bad. I think I may get some healthy jalapenos soon!

There was a crawfish boil for the engineers at rS:

Something WonderfulI love the shirt design

#rSc2k15! #theCrawnic

You can see more pictures of the jalapenos and the crawfish boil on my Instagram.

Next… Something Wonderful!

Something Wonderful is a one day EDM music festival hosted in Dallas at the Cotton Bowl. It featured some big name artists that I was excited to see including: Tiesto, Keys N Krates, Bro Safari, and DVBBS. The early ticket price was about $90, and I was skeptical about buying them because I wasn’t that huge into any of the artists except maybe Tiesto and Keys N Krates. But, Harrison convinced me that seeing Tiesto live is a very good experience, probably worth the ticket price alone. I decided I would get the ticket, especially considering that so many of my friends were going.

We met at my place before the festival and had some drinks and hung out and caught up. Kelsey was in town for the show for the weekend, so it was great to see her again. Here’s our SW crew:

Something WonderfulTeam Wonderful! From left: Kody, Robert, Kelsey, Me, Taylor, Alex.

We carpooled to the Cotton Bowl and met up with Harrison and his brother. Unfortunately, though, Something Wonderful was just not meant to be. We waited in line for about an hour before we finally got through both security checkpoints and to the main stage. When we finally got to the main stage, they announced that Something Wonderful was being canceled due to an approaching thunderstorm.

Something WonderfulThe calm before the storm. So much potential!

In Something Wonderful’s defense, the storm was pretty bad. However, it sucks for everyone that wasted their time getting ready and going to the event. A lot of people flew in from out of town and got hotels and all that jazz, too. We waited around all day, didn’t get to hear any music, and then got soaked getting to the car. When we finally got back to my place we just chilled and watched Interstellar. Kind of a let down of a night, but at least Interstellar was a great movie!

Something Wonderful just emailed me the other day and said they would be refunding either half of the ticket price or giving free tickets for their 2-day October festival in Houston, Something Wicked. I have to decide by the 14th which one I’m going to go with. At first, I was thinking I would just take the money. But, that would mean I get back about ~$45 which is a really good price for a 2-day festival. The only problem is that the line-up hasn’t been announced yet and that I have to drive to Houston to see it. What do you guys think?

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