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rStheCon 2015

Posted on Sunday May 10, 2015 at 10:19pm in ,

The weekend of April 25th was my second conference with rewardStyle. They bumped up security a bit this year and we were all given badges.

rStheCon 2015We had to check everyone’s badges at the event if we were on security duty

There was a volunteer schedule we could sign up for during the week to go to The Joule downtown to help set up. I signed up all of the days just to get out of the office a bit and to get away from my desk for a bit. JT, Nathan, Blake, and I went to help out on Thursday afternoon, mostly lifting things. It was a still a nice day away from the office, and we got some exercise, too.

rStheCon 2015Outside The Joule. You can see its iconic infinity pool stretching out over Main Street

rStheCon 2015Dallas was really foggy on Thursday

In between lifting stuff, we got some coffee at the Weekend Coffee shop and took the rS bikes for a test-drive around the city.

rStheCon 2015It was nice and cool for a quick bike ride

We also managed to get a peek at the pool:

rStheCon 2015Joule Pool

rStheCon 2015You can see the eye from the edge of the pool if you stand on the side

The next day was Friday, the official start of the conference. Although we were volunteering, there was significantly less to do that day other than security. The conference seems to go smoother and smoother each year, with all of the aces in their places at the right time and not a lot of hustling around. There was some downtime from 4 until 6 when the cocktail party was supposed to begin so we went up to the pool for some drinks with the California team.

rStheCon 2015Got a nice shot of the succulents by the pool

At 6:00 the cocktail happy hour hosted by River Island started on the eyeball lawn. We had a giant tent set up in case of rain (we weren’t blessed with the beautiful sunshine we had for last year’s cocktail party). It did start raining though, and we had to ferry all of the publishers to the tent with umbrellas. When we finally had everyone across, we got to relax and have a few drinks.

rStheCon 2015Time for some champagne

rStheCon 2015River Island did a great job with the set up

rStheCon 2015Mustache props

Unfortunately, the weather did get severe enough where the party had to be moved inside to the Midnight Rambler. We had to ferry everyone back across the street yet again, and we all ended up getting soaked despite having umbrellas. Oh well. We lifted some more boxes, had some more drinks, and then I went to Deep Ellum with Cody, Tim, and Taline from the London team. It ended up being a really fun night.

The next day was the main day of the conference with the main stage sessions featuring Amber and Baxter. I showed up a little bit later in the morning, after Cody took me to get my car. I took a stroll around downtown and waited while the sessions were going on.

rStheCon 2015A beautiful day in Dallas

rStheCon 2015A quick peak at the main stage

rStheCon 2015Amazing chandeliers inside

After a bit, Forrest, Gary, and I went to find a room key to get up to the pool. We sat poolside and had some drinks until the Londoners came up and joined us. Alex and I sat, drank, and chatted poolside for a while and enjoyed the sun. Soon, more Londoners came up to also enjoy the weather. Pretty soon we had a nice pool party going on.

rStheCon 2015Poolside

rStheCon 2015Anna and me

rStheCon 2015Alex and me

rStheCon 2015Me with the rest of the Londoners (most of them)

In the evening, we had a big finale party planned on the Margaret Hunt Hill pedestrian bridge. We started to get prepped for that, then I went home to change for the party. I was on bus duty, making sure everyone got to the shuttles. I was a bit late to the party because of the bus job, but it was pretty lively by the time I showed up.

rStheCon 2015Panorama of the bridge party

There was a band, a dance floor, and an open bar. Pretty much the recipe for a great party.

rStheCon 2015Oh, and fireworks

Dallas approved our fireworks for the first time since the opening of the bridge and…

rStheCon 2015They were beautiful

rStheCon napkins at the bar.

And after the party, it’s the … after party!

rStheCon 2015Woo woo!

The next day was a pretty chill day, everyone mostly was recovering from the night before. I went back to the Joule in the afternoon and went for a swim in the pool. Some of the Londoners wanted me to take them to an In-N-Out because none of them had been to one before. Of course!

rStheCon 2015Their first In-N-Out. Team rS!

rStheCon 2015Taline and me outside

We went back to the pool to finish out the day. The Londoners went to a mav game, but I went back home shortly after that because I could feel that my apartment was starting to miss me. I will leave you with this one last cool photo that Alex took with my camera by the pool:

rStheCon 2015Helloooo Dallas

This was definitely the best conference yet. Everything went super smoothly, everyone had a great time, and the whole week leading up to it as well as the weekend itself was a ton of fun. I didn’t even feel like I was working most of the time. I already am excited for next year!

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