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Posted on Wednesday July 08, 2015 at 10:15pm in ,

Looks like I’m starting to lose control of my life and have just been way too busy / lazy to update my blog. On Sundays when I usually write blog posts I’m always out doing something or another. Where I would ordinarily do a dedicated post on each event or day of significance, now I’m just gonna have to do one big catch up post for the last two and a half months (or I’ll never catch up). Anyway, let’s get started because I have a lot of material to gloss over. I’ve been Busy with a capital B these days.

Let’s start with my 26th birthday! That’s about where we left off. My sister and her friend Emily came to visit Dallas and stay with me for a full week. It was really great to see my sister and we definitely had the best time we’ve ever had together. I used to feel like I didn’t have anything much in common with my sister, but after living in different cities for a few years and growing up a little bit, I realized that we actually do have a lot in common. Getting to have a real conversation with my sister for probably the first time was a great experience and I’m really happy her and her friend came to visit and got to be here for my birthday.

Speaking of my birthday…

I got my birthday tattoo I’ve been planning for a while now. Been looking forward to this one!


This was just the stencil, the tattoo itself wasn’t blue.

May, June, JulyIn progress: photo cred to my sister

May, June, JulyTurned out great!

Mackenzie, Emily, Cody (my friend and coworker), Grace (Cody’s girlfriend), Kody, Mike and Crissy (friends of Cody) all went to go see Purity Ring at the Bomb Factory and that was a great show! I took my sister to Klyde Warren Park, and out to some of my favorite nightlife areas.

May, June, JulyMackenzie, me, and Emily at Klyde Warren Park

Been hittin’ the gym still…

May, June, July(almost) beach ready

I went to the DMA (Dallas Museum of Arts) for the first time. Kind of a big deal.

May, June, JulyOne of my favorite exhibits at the DMA when I went

After about six months of exciting bachelor status, I got a new girlfriend. Her name is Jenni and she’s super smart. This is her with me at the DMA:

May, June, JulyShe likes art

I went on my second ever Texas road trip to Houston to see a two day festival with Cody, Grace, Mike, and Crissy. Two couples and a Drew! The festival we went to was called FPSF (Free Press Summer Fest) and we got to see the likes of Odesza (my latest favorite), G-Eazy, Flume, Chance the Rapper, Skrillex, Glass Animals, Tove Lo, Major Lazer, RL Grime, and many more!! It was definitely the best festival I’ve ever been to. We had a ton of fun in Houston too, although we didn’t get to see much of it because we devoted most of our time to making sure we were awake for the festival. It really was an awesome weekend.

May, June, JulySeeing Odesza perform was amazing. Click to see a short 15 second video of them

I took an impromptu vacation to San Diego and visited some friends.

May, June, JulyLa Jolla was beautiful

The pictures I took really don’t do it justice. The colors and smells were amazing. The water at La Jolla was a deep blue and the weather was perfectly comfortable. I loved San Diego!

May, June, JulyFrom the top of Mt. Soledad

We bought ice creams and walked around outside all day for free. We went hiking, went to an outdoor mall, went to Balboa Park. It was the perfect day! And the perfect night! We had dinner, went drinking at a Korean bar, and then went and did karaoke together.

We also went to the San Diego Fair!

May, June, JulyCow selfie

May, June, JulyI’ll miss you San Diego!

I’d totally go back. Hopefully soon!

The next weekend Jenni and I went to go see Knife Party perform at The Bomb Factory with Adam, Amanda, Kody, Robert, Sami, and Manny. Another great show.

May, June, JulyClick to see a short clip of Knife Party

Lastly, but not leastly – I went with Jenni to Oklahoma to attend a wedding. We had an awesome time, I got to see her home state, and we looked pretty sharp while doing it.

May, June, JulyTaking full advantage of the open bar

I’ve had so many great times recently! 2015 is off to an amazing first half. Things that are coming up… Going to Minneapolis and Wisconsin for Bryan’s birthday in two weeks! Also, the rewardStyle BOAT PARTY!!

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Posted on Sunday May 03, 2015 at 9:55pm in ,

It’s been another long while since a blog post and I have so much to catch up on. So much has been going on lately that I’ve been too busy to blog, and then the longer that I don’t blog the more daunting of a task it becomes! Anyway, gonna try and take a bite out of the building up events and talk about Something Wonderful.

First, some miscellaneous catch-up. I’m officially moved out of my first apartment in Texas. I went to get the rest of my things in Las Colinas, including my old Jetta. I drove it to Christian Brothers Automotive to have some work done on it (the rear brakes were worn completely down). I put another $1200 into it fixing the brakes, changing the oil, and fixing the exhaust leak. I also gave it a fresh wash inside and out, filled the gas up, and just got it into selling condition in general. It’s now running like new again!

Something WonderfulWhat a fine piece of machinery

I planned to sell it right away, but now it’s parked in my extra spot at the Echo and I don’t really see any rush at the moment. It’s kind of nice having a spare car around just in case. I’m still pretty sure I will sell it soon, but I still just like having it around.

I planted some jalapenos, three this time.

Something WonderfulJalapeno bidness

My last attempt at growing a jalapeno failed… But I only planted one seed in a large pot and I’m pretty sure it never got the sunlight it needed. I have these three little guys posted up on the window sill now, and already all three of them are about four inches tall and with three leaves! Not too bad. I think I may get some healthy jalapenos soon!

There was a crawfish boil for the engineers at rS:

Something WonderfulI love the shirt design

#rSc2k15! #theCrawnic

You can see more pictures of the jalapenos and the crawfish boil on my Instagram.

Next… Something Wonderful!

Something Wonderful is a one day EDM music festival hosted in Dallas at the Cotton Bowl. It featured some big name artists that I was excited to see including: Tiesto, Keys N Krates, Bro Safari, and DVBBS. The early ticket price was about $90, and I was skeptical about buying them because I wasn’t that huge into any of the artists except maybe Tiesto and Keys N Krates. But, Harrison convinced me that seeing Tiesto live is a very good experience, probably worth the ticket price alone. I decided I would get the ticket, especially considering that so many of my friends were going.

We met at my place before the festival and had some drinks and hung out and caught up. Kelsey was in town for the show for the weekend, so it was great to see her again. Here’s our SW crew:

Something WonderfulTeam Wonderful! From left: Kody, Robert, Kelsey, Me, Taylor, Alex.

We carpooled to the Cotton Bowl and met up with Harrison and his brother. Unfortunately, though, Something Wonderful was just not meant to be. We waited in line for about an hour before we finally got through both security checkpoints and to the main stage. When we finally got to the main stage, they announced that Something Wonderful was being canceled due to an approaching thunderstorm.

Something WonderfulThe calm before the storm. So much potential!

In Something Wonderful’s defense, the storm was pretty bad. However, it sucks for everyone that wasted their time getting ready and going to the event. A lot of people flew in from out of town and got hotels and all that jazz, too. We waited around all day, didn’t get to hear any music, and then got soaked getting to the car. When we finally got back to my place we just chilled and watched Interstellar. Kind of a let down of a night, but at least Interstellar was a great movie!

Something Wonderful just emailed me the other day and said they would be refunding either half of the ticket price or giving free tickets for their 2-day October festival in Houston, Something Wicked. I have to decide by the 14th which one I’m going to go with. At first, I was thinking I would just take the money. But, that would mean I get back about ~$45 which is a really good price for a 2-day festival. The only problem is that the line-up hasn’t been announced yet and that I have to drive to Houston to see it. What do you guys think?

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Posted on Saturday April 04, 2015 at 1:08am in ,

It’s spring and you know what that means… it’s festival season again! I’ve been going to more and more live shows lately. Last weekend I went to Foam Wonderland, and in two more weekends I’m going to Something Wonderful featuring Tiesto at the Cotton Bowl. Foam Wonderland was a huge EDM music festival at Quick Trip Park featuring Yellow Claw. They had three huge foam cannons that they shot at the crowd. No matter where you were standing, you were guaranteed to get at least a little wet. The people that were in the first few rows got absolutely soaked.

Foam WonderlandFoam Wonderland

We showed up a little late to the event (it started at six, but we showed up at eight when the sun was just starting to go down). The weather was perfect. Double perfect even. I had on a tank top and shorts and was completely comfortable the entire show. The artists that were on stage from when we got there were all pretty good, but the last two sets were what it was all about. Yellow Claw and Doctor P were the best, and they even had fireworks at the end, too. The foam was a lot of fun. I had never been to a foam party or a foam festival before (actually I have been to a foam event once at Eden, but i never got foamed). You can see a quick, ten second video I posted to instagram of the foam here.

Foam WonderlandLast Set

Foam WonderlandYellow Claw

I had a lot of fun! Actually I was really tired that night and not expecting to be able to enjoy it that much. But from the moment I got there, the energy of the crowd and the DJs really had me enjoying the experience. I was able to have a really great time, woke right up, and got in really close for some great footage of the stage. Check out the two minute video below to see a little bit of everything (foam, fireworks, music, the works!)

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Posted on Thursday November 06, 2014 at 10:39pm in ,

Ah, shoot… Just as I got caught up on writing I start falling behind again. After this post I still have to write about Halloween and I am going to LA tomorrow (so I will have more to write about shortly). Gonna try and get caught up again next week.

On October 11th, one of Jenny and Jose’s favorite DJ groups, Adventure Club, was playing with EDX and DVBBS at South Side on Lamar. We bought tickets and all went together. Also tagging along was Aaron and one of Jenny’s old friends, Eddie who I just met that night and instantly liked.

Unlike the Neighbourhood show, we got there quite a bit early so we decided to have a drink at Jenny’s old coffee shop, Opening Bell Coffee. You may remember this as the place where we played trivia with my parents a couple of months ago if you were paying attention! There will be a quiz later.

I liked the scene of the shop, so I took a quick panorama with my phone (sorry for the fuzziness, the light was kind of low).

Adventure ClubOpening Bell Coffee

Adventure ClubChillin’ before the show

We just had one drink and then decided to walk over to the venue, just in case the line was getting long. We showed up before it got too crowded.

Adventure ClubAdventure!

When we were picking up our tickets from the window, Jose was just arriving. We walked in together, got our bands and got us some drinks.

Adventure ClubBoom! Team Adventure!

We had to wait quite a bit before the first performers went on, so we just chatted and drank. We started to scoot into the dance floor just before EDX started. Aaron showed up and so did Eddie. It got pretty crowded, but we managed to get in early so we got a really nice spot up front. It pays to be early!

I took a ton of photos and a ton of videos, but not many of them turned out. My phone also died while Adventure Club was playing.

Adventure ClubJammin’

Adventure ClubBlurry Jenny

Adventure ClubJose took this one. None of us really look great, but it has all of us in one shot!

I would post some of my videos, but they’re all terrible quality. I think the official event video covers everything quite a bit better.

We all had a blast. It was a super long show though. It went on for 4, maybe 5 hours. It was a lot of work, we were pretty exhausted afterwards. We already got our tickets to Lights All Night, a bigger music festival in December. I can’t wait for the next show!

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Posted on Tuesday September 16, 2014 at 11:01pm in ,

I know I said that Jenny was going to be doing a guest post about The Neighbourhood concert we saw in July, but she’s been too busy with work to get around to writing it yet. She did want to write a post, and I was excited to see what she came up with – but I guess you’ll have to stick with my writing for this one. She started writing, but this is as far as she got:

Hello all!

Hope you are all having a fantastic weekend. So as Drew had promised, this is Jenny delivering a guest post.

To follow up, Winstar was a blast and we had a lot of fun. Like he had mentioned, I burned through my allotted monies and then also helped Drew go through his. We attended the Neighborhood concert at the Southside Ballroom on Saturday July 19th and also had a blast! We met a daughter and mother who were interesting….

To be continued!

Oh well, I’ll take it from here.

I bought us tickets to go see The Neighbourhood at South Side Ballroom on July 19th. We both really like The Neighbourhood, so I got the tickets early in case they sold out. We ended up showing up about 10 minutes before the doors were supposed to open, and the line was ridiculous. It went around the building, through the parking lot, and around another building. I had never been to the venue before then, but I found it hard to believe that many people would fit in the building. Here’s a small video from the back of the line, around the second building:

The line eventually started moving and slowly but surely everyone filed into the building. When I got inside I saw how huge it was (it didn’t look so big from the outside). There was a lot of room inside. We ordered a couple of drinks at the bar and saw Jenny’s friend who worked at the event. She gave us VIP passes. We sat at a table out of the crowd and drank while waiting for the show to start.

The Neighbourhood ConcertFree upgrade to VIP! Thanks Alex!

We were sitting at our own table, minding our own business, when a girl came up to us and asked if we would like to join her and her mom. She was 25, the same age as us, and she wanted to have some company during the show. We said sure and went and sat with the mom and daughter. We found out that they go to a lot of shows together. We made a bit of small talk but then soon the opening bands started and so we stopped talking and just enjoyed the show for a bit. I also managed to snag Jenny a Neighbourhood shirt during one of the breaks.

The Neighbourhood ConcertAt the show

By the time The Neighbourhood came on stage we were all well into the concert spirit. The show just flew by, and it was awesome.

The Neighbourhood ConcertThe Neighbourhood

I only got very short clips of the show with Snapchat – here’s the one video I remembered to save:

The mom and daughter were an interesting duo, and we enjoyed talking to them. We would have had them out to drink more after the show, but they had to go to church in the morning and couldn’t stay out late. After the show, we part ways with the girls and went to BJs for a drink or two. We saw some friends there, then went back to our place for some relaxing before going to Eden later. We eventually got home around 6am when we were finally tired and got some rest.

The concert was a ton of fun, as was the rest of the weekend. I’m so far behind on posts because I’ve been so busy! I’m working on catching up – next on the docket is the rewardStyle boat party. Also coming up: Lakewood Brewery, my parents coming to visit Dallas, Mad Decent Block Party, and various other topics.

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